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Photo: Fabrice Zindy

Aksel Kolstad was on October 10th 2012 officially announced to be a “Munch-artist” and an international “Edvard Munch Ambassador”. – Kolstad will carry Munch on his musical and artistic shoulders, says Front-of-House Manager at the Munch Museum in Oslo, Cécile Therond Hjelm. – Aksel Kolstad will revitalize the artist and provocateur Edvard Munch through his powerful music and his artistic projects world wide. Once a month Kolstad will perform his “Munch reflection-recitals” in Oslo at the same time as his ateiler, Café de Concert at Tjuvholmen, this will become the second home of the Munch. The first home of Munch lies in the heart of the Norwegian people.

“To me Munch is Shostakovitch mixed with deadly strawberries on canvas” – Aksel Kolstad

#instamunch1 #pikenpåpianoet @ Das Munch Museum @ Café de Concert

#instamunch2 #surrealpassion @ Das Munch Museum @ Café de Concert

#instamunch3 #madonna’sback @ Das Munch Museum @ Café de Concert

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#instamunch3 #thescream2 @ Das Munch Museum @ Café de Concert

Model: Athena Zahirah Anwari

Original Munch copies painted by Grete Ross, exhibited at Café de Concert.

PRESSRELEASE May 27th 2013

Aksel Kolstad is carrying on with his work as “Former Munch Ambassador”.
Now he is exhibiting Munch-copies by Grete Ross.

“I consider it a natural thing to get inspired and to copy. This artists have done for ages. In my opinion it is way to little craftmanship in today´s art. Also in contemporary music. More artists should copy to improve their craftmanship.”

- Aksel Kolstad, pianist, composer og artist


PRESSEMELDING 27. mai 2013

Aksel Kolstad fortsetter sitt Munch-arbeid som “Former Munch Ambassador”.
Nå stiller han ut Munch-kopier malt av Grete Ross på Café de Concert. Her med en kopi av “Livets dans”.

“Det er lov å la seg inspirere og kopiere. Slik har kunstnere gjort i all sin tid. Det er alt for lite godt håndverk i det meste jeg ser av dagens samtidskunst. Også i kunstmusikken, ikke minst. Flere burde kopiere for å forbedre sitt håndverk”.

- Aksel Kolstad, pianist, komponist og kunstner

(Painting left in photo by Grete Ross, painting right in photo by Yvonne Jeanette Karlsen)