Concert Photo Exhibition of the Moon

This year´s last get together will be a tribute to the moon.
I have always found great interest in astronomy ever since I was a child. And now also astrophotography. I will be exhibiting 8 new photos that I have taken (or WILL take if the clouds ever will get the F*** out of the way!!) of that one little big round eyed perle that has inspired and intrigued so many composers and artists through out centuries. I will also be performing my newest pieces that stand to the photos, inspired by the moon. I am SO excited and hope that you can come :)  (The moon in the photo is taken with a cellphone through the telescope lens. Just imagine how the photos will look like when I use my new Sony A7S camera straight from Japan!!)
Sincerely, the moon and I
PS: Yes, there will of course be champagne and hot dogs. ALWAYS. Even on the moon!
24 Nov 2016 -
07:00 to 10:00
Café de Concert
Tjuvholmen allé 25
0252 Oslo