Preparing for tomorrows press conference

As we're about to open our own café in Oslo, the final details before wednesday's press conference are taken care of. New logos in the windows, new menus, a small art exhibition with works by Monika Helgesen is just a few things.. Norsk Skilt-Gravering made very tasteful new logos in frosted white film. Thanks for all your help guys! Aftenposten also stopped by to do an interview.

We're all very exited about tomorrows press conference, and are looking forward to see a packed café once again! See you all there!

New logo up with the help of Norsk Skilt-Gravering!

Aksel and artist in residence Monika Helgesen

Photoshoot with the national newspaper Aftenposten

Café de Concert : Oslo - press conference

August 12th is the day we'll present the future of Café de Concert, the official CdC café in Oslo.

During the press conference the media and audience will get an introduction to the concept together with music performed by Bjarne Magnus Jensen, violin, Jan Clemens Carlsen, cello, Dimitris Kostopolous, piano and Aksel Kolstad, piano.

You can also enjoy the small art exhibition with works by Monika Helgesen.

After the press conference we'll have a party, of course!

We'll promise you that our very first CdC café will be a great place to enjoy music, meet old and new friends and maybe go on a date in a great atmosphere with art forms that definitely will soothe your senses.

Bring your friends and come early! The place is going to be packed!

Performing at the Moods of Norway flagship store

Preparation in the store just before the kick-off concert..

Piano technician David Andersen listening carefully.

Then came the moods-guys, Peder, Simen and Stefan, eager to listen to what we were preparing for the big event.

Found some supercool moods design..

And then.. it all went down like this:

The three genious Moods of Norway-designers got all of the 200 celebrity guests' attention..

And then we rocked the place!

You can also watch a video from the event!
KatTalesTV is the youtube channel of the artist Kat, which Café de Concert is very fond of! Her work is raw, uncensored, honest and very catchy.

Catching up with Moods of Norway in Los Angeles

So we finally caught up with the "moody" gang in LA in their supercool new store on Robertson blvrd. Simen, Peder and Stefan stroke more than one great pose for a group picture together with violinist Catharina Chen, Aksel Kolstad and a new and fresh addition to the Café de Concert administration, Annick Welhaven Føyen.

And then came the amazing Steinway grand piano from David Anderson rolling down the street...Now we´re ready to blow the roof top away for tomorrows grand opening-concert at Moods of Norway with Catharina Chen, violin, and Aksel Kolstad, piano at 8 pm!

Chillin' in Hollywood Hills

We´re staying at the wonderful "Alice in wonderland-house" of the fantastic and most loving people ever - Vanessa and Ron Kenan. You guys are the best, thank you so much for opening up your arms to us! We look forward to come back with a chamber orchestra performing in your wonderful garden!

A pit stop in New York on the way to LA

A pit stop in NY before heading south-west. Michael Jackson´s breakthrough was at the famous Apollo Theatre in Harlem. Many great artist had their breakthrough at the Apollo and also performed there many times after that. It´s about time Café de Concert performed there too - so in 2010 you´ll see us there!

Many respects to the friends and family of Michael Jackson. He has actually been a great inspiration for Café de Concert - in my opinion he learned classical musicians how to groove. at least on the dancefloor.

Times Square - Bank of America with a grand piano inside..? Bank of America should be waiting for an e-mail from Café de Concert pretty soon..

Taking part of Creative Metropoles in Berlin

We were so fortunate to take part in the presentation of Creative Metropoles in Berlin in May. A project which urges to create a renaissance of art and culture in Berlin hand in hand with making money on it - an idea Café de Concert easily goes to battle for! Many thanks to Katrin Tobies from Berlin who was in charge of the whole event as well as Elina Kuzjukevica for initiating the Creative Metropoles project.. Special thanks to Therese Holm Thorvaldsen and Maria Komendantova from Oslo Teknopol for choosing Café de Concert as Norway´s representative from Norway´s cultural landscape. We got to know many interesting entrepreneurs during our stay, and we are looking forward to work with the very interesting entrepreneur Karoli Hindriks and her network as we are aiming to establish a Café de Concert-series in her hometown, Tallin. Riga, Bucuresti and Helsinki are thanks to "Creative Metropoles" in Berlin also cities Café de Concert now will focus on in the future. We were, of course, extremely proud to present the wonderful design of Moods of Norway during the Café de Concert-performance!

Los Angeles and Moods of Norway - here we come!

Moods of Norway is opening their U.S. Flagship Store in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles on July 8th and Café de Concert has been so fortunate to be able to perform for them during the opening. Catharina Chen, violin, and Aksel Kolstad, piano, will be playing Svendsen, Bull, Halvorsen and Grieg amongst other great composers, wearing Moods-design.

A Steinway & sons grand piano is sponsored by David Anderson. Thanks David!! You rock!

We're opening our own café September 16th 2009!

Today is the day Café de Concert has been aiming at since 2003 - today we signed a contract making it possible for us to open our own café in Oslo on September 16th, 2009! The café is the former Café Frölich, where we have been performing since the concept had its first season in 2003. What joy it will be to finally play inside windows with the Café de Concert logo!

We believe this is the first café ever to exclusively perform classical music!
Let´s make history together! Come listen and play at Café de Concert!
Next stop - New York!

Spring season finale!

Café de Concert is becoming more and more like the reality-show "An Amazing Race" - as it conquers more cities, countries, exotic islands, performing everywhere from cafées to airplanes, on ships and in the jungle.

This season has been so exiting, especially with concerts in Russia, USA and Sweeden. All thank´s to Innovation Norway´s contribution to the foundation Café de Concert. The last concert for the spring season left us all breathless. Ladies and gentlemen, watch out for this young, beautiful and ultra gifted pianist - Ingunn Tennøe. Never in our lives have we seen such a blossoming artist on stage. What ever you do, don´t miss the next concert with this exceptional musician. Her carisma is outstanding, her personality is refreshing and her playing is marvelous.

Another artist Café de Concert is very happy to collaborate with is June´s profiled artist of CdC, Tine Thing Helseth (trumpet). Her playing is worshiped internationally by so many critics and she has already become an international star in the classical world. She will be seen and heard often at Café de Concert in the future.

There are also so many other great, young artists Café de Concert has had the pleasure of presenting to the rest of the world. And we will continue to do just that. Presenting musicians and creating a market for them to play in. A vision Café de Concert has had since its birth in 2003.

We like to use the term "direct marketing" as our strongest weapon in public relations. Therefore we always try to perform where big windows next to the streets can show people walking by what great atmosphere classical music can make in the right surroundings - in cafés. The philosophy of Café de Concerts "direct marketing" all began with our artistic director´s Café de Concert bicycle, where he´d ride it up and down the streets of Oslo, throwing roses at people with concert-programs attacted to them. That´s what we like to call "direct marketing with great impact".

Café de Concert has no limits. The sky is no longer the limit for us - and we will show you just high we can get up...buckle up, friends, your in for the ride of your life!!

Enjoy the summer and leap into the skies and fly with us!

The history of Café de Concert

Café de Concert began a few days before the 19th of June 2003 when Aksel Kolstad together with a colleague performed live on Midt i Musikken, a classical music program on NRK radio P2. During the program, the trial concert was announced, to be held at Kastanjen restaurant on Bygdøy Allé in Oslo.

Visit the old Café de Concert media centre HERE

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