Here are my sponsors that I proudly present to you! Metier - has been my main sponsor for the past three years. I am honored to have been a Metier Artist in Residence. “Metier” means “proffesion” in French, therefore I say: “Mon METIER, c´est moi”. Thank you Metier for supporting me for such a long time!

All of my sponsors have made so many things possible for me, and I am so greatful to them! Up through the years I have had great sponsors and partners, I would like to thank all of them deeply!  I know that Tom Wilhelmsens Stiftelse wants to be discreet, but I HAVE to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your wonderful support and sponsorship when I was a student and also after! And also Brita Rosenberg for honoring me with the honorable Kjell Bækkelund Prize in 2010. That´s when it all started for me!