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Today - Café de Concert has become the atelier and concert gallery of the young and multitalented pianist and composer Aksel Kolstad. It took him 10 years to brand this concept and turn it into one of the most original and innovating classical concepts in the world. Here´s the story behind...... The Idea The origin and still driving force behind Café de Concert is to present classical music to a larger audience. The genre has by no means the same appeal as pop, rock or jazz. Creating a more relaxed atmosphere, and not to forget Kolstad´s magical ability to present classical music with humor and showmanship, it all results in a more intimate and fun concert format than the traditional solemn style. The idea that classical music can once again become popular music, the way it once was, is the motivation behind the concept Café de Concert. Classical concerts at cafés – Café de Concert recruits musicians, both students and professionals, to play classical music for the people. The goal is to stimulate as well as strengthen everyone’s interest in classical music. The level of musicianship is high, and with a relaxed, positive atmosphere, between the pieces, it is possible to have a cup of coffee, have something to eat or perhaps talk with the person sitting beside you. Café de Concert is an arena for all creative arts. In addition to musical performances, there are regular arts exhibitions and ballet/modern dance performances directed by CdC.  

Captain SUP

bilde Kolstad instructed 60 people last week how to SUP ! Nora also had to give it a go before the others, of cours! 10620791_10152344493676674_5985895941957292414_n   When is your company going to SUP with Aksel?10632892_10152344717226674_4728533604565730876_n  

Book release and orange concert

1381481_10152337480376674_3900738475395984325_nWe hosted yet another successful book launch on Tuesday, was a wonderful event where Aksel performed while the author Anne Kristine Bergem read from her book "Da pappa fikk kreft". All in collaboration with Kreftforeningen (Cancer-foundation in Norway).10629708_10152337487746674_3622047615029700208_n And on Thureday, we had our next door neighbours over for concert (?) - "" on the top of their feet after Aksel's performance!bilde  


10628589_10152328569321674_3526754887920687509_nCafé de Concert just after the doors opened, people came falling in the door to experience this NYC style launching of Jan-Erik Fjell´s new book! Rovdyret / The Predator. Success!10672177_10152328867106674_2860991066100901683_n

We´re on fire!!

10653555_10152299440401674_8292444756414880640_nAfter a magnificent summer holiday we started this semester with a big bang and hosted the Estonian President as he chose to locate his State visit to Norway to Café de Concert just before having dinner with His Majesty the King of Norway at the Royal Palace. Aksel is quite the celebrity in Estonia, the President also wanted Aksel to perform for him and his government colleagues - and so he did! Right before summer it was a REALLY hectic time for Café de Concert, hosting and customizing HUGE events like these below, amongst several other of the same caliber.....Stay tuned for more crazy Café de Concert events! 10441199_10152156804761674_4541005310581286594_n10592626_497775303659219_8883046434277612587_n10435942_10152648221232150_8281016786624924887_n10478189_10152636336157150_3070746841698000409_n Stay tuned for more crazy Café de Concert events! PS: are you coming to this one?!? Rovdyret---Cafe-de-Concert-3  

Loads of fun at Café de Concert last week

Café de Concert pop up in Fredrikstad DSC_0026-1DSC_0172-1 Women´s day, March 8th, at Café de Concert - unforgettable auction!! DSC_0078-1DSC_0086-1 Film premier at Café de Concert DSC_0011-1

World record holder

And here is the video you have all been waiting for! The WORLD RECORD beeing set in the toilet @ Café de Concert with FIFTY ONE people inside it while Aksel was playing from Beethoven´s sonata nr 8. "We are the champions"!! Watch the video here 1798746_10151896198086674_472837461_n1743674_801824719843667_1684190231_n1798075_10151896198831674_1947938882_n

A hot December

1474489_10151789394316674_1217000414_nStudents from the Norwegian Academy of Music... 1503872_10151804801471674_1779787134_nMetier with a cool seminar... 1466024_10152183742202150_1299031914_nCrazy Christmasparty.... 1482806_10151812819906674_202126445_nInnovation Norway @ its best investment ever ;) Red Cross, Acne were also at Cafe de Concert PLUS a couple of crazy events like this:1486679_10151818805556674_1141691953_nAnd yeah, our November get toger was pretty awesome too:

Café de Concert YouTube Channel

The history of Café de Concert

Café de Concert began a few days before the 19th of June 2003 when Aksel Kolstad together with a colleague performed live on Midt i Musikken, a classical music program on NRK radio P2. During the program, the trial concert was announced, to be held at Kastanjen restaurant on Bygdøy Allé in Oslo.

Visit the old Café de Concert media centre HERE

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