Tue, 2011-05-24 19:55

After the concerts in New York I did a small but funky Kolstad-recital at the Norwegian Seaman´s Church in San Pedro, before I put the money from the gig in my pocket

and hit the road - and ended up in Disnelyand :D

And oh, yes... I rented a Mustang Sally!!

Then after just three days in lala-land I sat my sorry ass on a couple of planes and FINALLY ended up in St.Petersburg!! Concerts here tomorrow and the day after :) Will be cool. I live next to the Kazanskij Kathedral
Sun, 2011-05-22 17:35

Once again Musikk-Huset´s New York Music Series kicks ass in Manhattan!!!!!

Grøndahl: Scherzo

Grieg: Eit Syn, Ved Rondane, En Svane, Vaaren, En drom

Kolstad: Rachmaninov-variations, 5 Étude Norvégienne

Grieg: "Haugtussa" for trompet and piano

A full house for Nils Georg Haugland Nilsen - tenor, Sam Nester - trompet, Ingunn Elisabeth Tennøe, Heegan Lee and Aksel Kolstad - piano/host

All photos: Jostein Røraas
Tue, 2011-04-26 15:39

Photo: Jörg Wiesner/Den Norske Opera & Ballett

Performing in the brand new Opera in Oslo is something special. Especially when you do it "your way".
(all photos: Trine Sirnes)

Which was a "way" the audience seemed to appreciate very much. The Aksel Kolstad Show had over 600 on their feet by the end of my two last virtuoso show-pieces, "Deux Mourceaux Fantasque".

An amazing crowd I fell completely in love with. After I walked out from the stage I thought to my self - my green room backstage won´t fit I figured I´d go out in the lobby and meet them all instead
mama and papa

Sun, 2011-04-10 11:59

I have found my saviour. I am thrilled to present the super effectiv and energetic Katrine Nicolaysen as my PR asisstant, secretary and the new receptionist at Café de Concert.

Katrine Nicolaysen
CellPhone: +47 936 95 300 (no)
+1 973 220 9454 (us)

Welcome on board, Katrine! Let the games begin:)
Sun, 2011-04-03 16:35

The wonderful Paulette and Will Dixon invited a bunch of their wonderful friends, artists and art-lovers to a house concert on April fool´s day, where I was lucky enough to perform on their wonderful Estonia grand piano. Paulette told me that the owner of the grand piano-brand Estonia calls her every year to ask how everything is going with the instrument. Now, THAT´S love and dedication to your curtomers, my dear friends! And it isn´t just anybody who owns Estonia, it is the magnificant world class pianist Dr. Indrek Laul - who actually came with his beautiful wife Triin to attend the house concert after Paulette had called Dr- Laul and invited them for the soirée. That´s just one of those facinating "only in New York-stories".

I loved playing on that Estonia and can´t wait to visit the Estonia-shop next to Carnegie Hall very soon!

And yes, my new kicks were on fire ;)

In the middle of the first piece I performed a little prima ballerina appeared, all of a sudden :)

After I finished my CD´s were sold to the wonderful audience!

Then, I started kissing Paulette, for beeing such an angel!

Then, I started kissing Dr. Laul, for beeing a genious!

And then...well....I really can´t blame it on the alcohol either, since I don´t drink...
Timothy J. Hunt works for the legendary Tom James clothing-design. We were talking about makeing some funky suits for a performance :)

With me at the concert was my newly hired secretary and PR assistant Katrine Nicolaysen. She´s a locomotiv of guts and creativ ideas in addition to beeing super-systematic, which is a dream come true for me in these hectic days of my carreer. More about the wonderful Katrine in a separat blog coming soon :)

After lots of fun at the party, the Kolstad-entourage à 4 went out...actually next door - to the supercool russian Mari Vanna !! :)
Fri, 2011-04-01 15:12

All photos: Michael Holtermann

The staff of the Norwegian music publisher Musikk-Huset A/S have visions, they are creative and bold. Two days ago they just launched a New York Music Series at the wonderful WMP (Workshop for music performances), down town New York - with the intention of introducing historical and contemporary Norwegian music to NYC. And the New York City-audience filled up the concert hall when PUBLIQuartet and I played ball in NBA jerseys and Moods of Norway-design with Grieg, Debussy, Kolstad, Webern and Scubert.

PUBLIQuartet consist of: Jessie Montgomery and Curtis Stewart, violins, Nick Revel, viola and Amanda Gookin, cello. And guys - you look AWSOME in Moods of Norway!!!!

As host, this was my introduction:
"Ladies and gentlemen of the NBA music lover audience. Welcome to something that might look like a basketball game, but it´s more of a game of music rather than a game of sports. However, we´d like to show you the althetizm in music, and the music in sports.

I have allways dreamt of becoming an NBA basketball player. But I guess I was to short. I´m Norwegian. We´re Vikings. My ancestors were very short. But never the less, I DID play basketball when I was younger. And I realized that it ain´t really that much of a difference bethween the game of basketball and the game of music. They both need presition, creativity, teamwork, technical ability and artistic performances"

More photos and videos from the actual performance coming soon, so stay tuned :)
Also - check out this weeks news letter by Michael Holtermann
Oh, and ps: Next concert at the WMP nr 2 of 3, is on May 20th at 7 pm. Starring the Norwegian soprano Isa Katharina Gericke:)
Sun, 2011-03-27 14:31

The fantastic Marge Rahu wrote a supercool article about me in this months edition of the Estonian women´s magazine Buduaar. And then she organized a mindblowing solo concert for me a couple of days ago in the magnificant Gloria with an awsome crowd which really made me feel like a rock star. What more can a man dream of right before turning 30!!

Espen Sørby, director of the documentary beeing made of me at the moment (yes, I let him use one of my superhero moods of norway suits), next to Marge Rahu, creator and director of the amazing Buduaar.

Yes, and the amazing Marge....

Marge has a passion for dance as well, so she also invited my two favourite ballerinas, Anastassia Savela and Nadezda Antipenko to do their Harlekin-coreography we did in the Estonian Concert hall last October:) I also got to perform with the famous singer Merlyn Uusküla during the concert! (check out the photos from

And after announcing the last piece for the evning....

The crowd went bananas!! After many years the dream of a young boy from little Fredrikstad in Norway had come true! He had become a clasiscal rock star

For real;)

Check out more of the supersexy photos from the concert here:
Marge - I owe you!
Mon, 2011-03-07 14:36

After touring once around the world with The Aksel Kolstad Show, I decided to come back to the roots where the show originally was created, in Oslo, one year ago this month!

Check out to see photos and read more about the concert that litterary "tore the rim down!!"

Sun, 2011-02-20 17:29

Welcome to my studio
Aksel Kolstad / Café de Concert
Lille Stranden 4
0250 Oslo
Fri, 2011-02-04 02:08

Café de Concert concerts in the front room. I´ll be sitting practising and composing in the other room.
I hired two great receptionists. Life is great - come enjoy it with me at the Café de Concert Gallery in Oslo.
Café de Concert´s got a brand new look! So do I, with glasses from Mojord & Thoresen. Makes me look at things with a brand new perspective.

Don´t miss the grand opening on February 18th, dear friends! Red carpet, champagne, BMW-cars, stars from the music industry performing, glam and lots of fun! Litimed invitations, so please email for reservations asap!

Read more about it on

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