Sun, 2011-09-11 20:18

Thank you, everybody, for a wonderful festival at Tjuvholmen - the artistic district of Oslo! Here are some photos from a couple of the concerts!
Fri, 2011-09-02 17:55

Stranded in NYC for a week after "Hurricane Irene" barely hit Manhattan wasn´t really the worst place to be stranded in, to put it that way. But on the other hand, it had some challanges: had to cancel almost 10 concerts back home in Oslo and also had to administrate the last preparations for my Café de Concert-festival in three major cities in Norway - from overseas. Wasn´t easy but thank´s the magnificant Norwegian Seaman´s Church I managed to both practise and administrate as good as I would have been able to do in Norway. Thank you my wonderful friends in NYC who also contributed to makeing my extended stay as flawless as possible!! In a way I really don´t want to leave NYC (I never do, actually), but it will be all right to come back to my Café de Concert concert-gallery @ Tjuvholmen in Oslo to practise and prepare the festival. And also to get ready for the big in festivals in Tallinn (EST) and in Trondheim (NO) in the middle and in the end of September. Yup, gonna be a kick ass month!! Leaving this Sunday. Ready for more action!

Photos: Camilla Flaatten
Sun, 2011-08-28 22:01

The Memorial Concert for Oslo/Utøya in NYC was totally sold out, people were standing in the hallway, outside the concert-hall at the wonderful WMP. Thank you, everybody, for a wonderful evening in memory of July 22nd in Oslo. The Catalyst Quartet was fenomenal, and Jonas Båtstrand made the audience go completely bananas, what a wonderful NY-debut for him! Congrats!

Tue, 2011-08-09 15:38

Time to get funky, people...
Fri, 2011-07-29 20:59

A piece of my Norwegian heart to my Norwegian people

We were wounded in the heart of our country, but we will heal our country with the hearts of our people. Here is a piece of my heart to you all, my dear brothers and sisters.

Love, Aksel
Mon, 2011-07-04 19:20

Full house, lots of photos were sold, great party, wonderful people!

Read about the project here:

See the complete series of art-photos here Buy a photo? Contact Janne Kraft: / +47 97633738

Mon, 2011-07-04 14:54
@ Radio Swedish Radio P4 with Stenungsund´s cheif of tourism Björn Johnson (left) and Robert "Gretchen" Aug (right)

After performing at the Swedish Chamermusic Festival in Stenungsund last week I performed on Swedish national radio (P4) and made Stenungsund beat the big city of Göteborg in a competition in between the two cities. Read more about it here "Världspianist stod upp för Stenungsund - skickade ut Göteborg i kvartsfinalen"

I was honored to present my wonderful Fredrikstad Chamer Orchestra for the Swedish audience at the opening concert where Jonas Båtstrand led them through Bartok´s 6 Rumanian Folkdances, Mendelssohn violin concert in d minor (with Båtstrand as soloist) and Tchaikovskij´s String Serenade. I also world premiered my newest piece for piano solo during that concert, "L´amour invisible". Full house and a very enthusiastic audience made the concert quite unforgettable for all of us musicians. The day after I had my solo concert at the same festival. Swedish press (Göteborgsposten) wrote this:

"Kolstad is often called to be the New Norwegian Victor Borge. I would rather call him the Franz Liszt of today"

PS: Fredrikstad Chamber Orchestra all fit in Café de Concert :D
Mon, 2011-07-04 14:44

Tom Wilhelmsen Stiftelse gave me a sponsor-prize worth 35.000 NOK approx one week ago!!
Thank you so much! Yet again you have contributed to makeing my concerts and projects around the world come true! I am deaply thankful for that. And not only on my behalf, but for other musicians you also sponsor, makeing it possible for their dreams to come true also. I will go in the artistic ring and swing my deadly lefty and make you proud!
Love, Aksel
Tue, 2011-06-07 15:08

Aksel Kolstad ved flygelet i "Naked with reason"
fra utstillingen "AK the new fragrance of art"

"Det er på tide å vise hva kropp og nakenhet kan representere og skape uten å kun spille på sex for å selge, som så mange andre artister og kunstnere gjør. Man må ha en dypere mening med å bruke kropp i musikkbransjen. Og i mine øyne er det få som har det." - Aksel Kolstad

"It´s about time to show what "body" and beeing naked can represent and create with out using sex just to market a product, as many artists often do. One must have a deeper meaning when using "the body" in music business. And in my eyes very few have that." - Aksel Kolstad

AK - the new fragrance of art
En grensesprengende og debatt-søkende fotovernissage om Aksel Kolstad. Fredag 24 september kl 20:00 på Café de Concert (Lille Stranden 4 på Tjuvholmen, Oslo)

Salg av signerte fotografier går til støttetiltak mot mobbing i samfunnet under slagordet "Dare to be Different"

Fotograf: Janne Kraft, Christian Fredrik Gustavsen
Medvirkende: Maryam Nour
Makeup: Sølvi Strifeldt

For mer informasjon ring 91 83 66 92 eller mail
Sat, 2011-05-28 15:54
I am so fortunate to have such a great team around me in St.Petersburg - the amazing Vitaly Vasiliev and his fantastic crew!
First off was a small concert performance where I played my newest composition, Étude Norvégienne, followed by a big show for kids about Mozart. Afterwords there was time for questions from the audience. And even the youngest ones all the way down to 7 years reached out for the open mic!! Was a great moment for me to get to talk to teachers, students and small children at the St.Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts!!
Natasja Smirnova - best norwegian/russian translater I have ever heard! So theatrical at the same time!! Perfect match!Got to play with Vladimir Shulyakovskiy, fantastic musician!

The day after we headed out to the amazing Marjino Manor where I played two concerts with the supercool mezzo Katarina and
the genious Stanislav!

And my biggest and oldest fan i Russia, the lovely Valentina, came to listen to my performance. She has been to almost EVERY concert I have played in St.Petersburg since I started to perform there a couple of years ago. Valentina, I am your biggest fan too And after the second concert was done, I could relax and go bananas :D

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